Veestro Review: Trying the 21 Day Kickstart Plan

veestro review 21 day kickstart

After unpacking your delivery you’ll see just how much food you get as part of Veestro’s 21 day Kickstart plan

Being mostly vegan, it’s hard for me to eat in a pinch. When I find my stomach growling and there are no leftovers or hummus in the fridge, I eat my body weight in potato chips to keep from fainting.

I was excited to try Veestro’s 21 day meal plan for three reasons:

  1. It’s designed to help you lose weight
  2. It’s entirely plant-based, with no dairy and gluten-free options
  3. It’s fast and healthy (two words that don’t usually go together when it comes to food)

I ordered the 21 Kickstart which includes 21 meals and six juices. All meals are non-GMO, plant-based, preservative-free, dairy-free and contain no cholesterol. You can request gluten-free or peanut free menu options. There is an entrée for me to eat at each meal … tofu scramble or oatmeal pie for breakfast and butternut squash risotto or quinoa burger patties for lunch or dinner (see the full delivery contents at the bottom of this article). I ordered gluten free.

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While we are affiliate partners of Veestro, you’ll find the Veestro review I’ve composed to be honest and straightforward about the experience I had with their food:


Veestro is easy to navigate and there are quite a few plans depending on how much you want to eat (and spend). If you are ordering a pack, there isn’t much customization beyond avoiding peanuts and gluten. You must order a minimum of $35 worth of food.

Don’t expect your meals quickly. I ordered on a Wednesday, and didn’t get my pack until the following Friday (9 days later). If you plan ahead, you will be in good shape.

veestro review packaging

Packed in dry ice and recyclable materials, your 21 day kickstart meals will keep very cold during shipment.


You must order $199 worth of food to get free shipping. I ordered a few a la carte cheezcakes (dairy-free) to get my total up to $200 otherwise I would have been charged $19 for shipping.  I would rather drop cash on desserts than FedEx.

Shipping costs break down like this: orders totaling $199 or more are free, orders between $100 and $198 are $19 and orders between $35 and $99 are $35.


All meals came in a big box that was left on my doorstep. I was only gone a few hours but these meals would have stayed frozen just fine if I was gone all day.

The box was large, but it was only about 8-10 lbs. There was a layer of styrofoam between the meals and the box, and meals are placed in a large cellophane paper.  At first I was bummed to see styrofoam but I felt better when I found it was 100% recycled EPS foam.

Meals were packed with dry ice, but it was sealed in a plastic bag so I didn’t need gloves to handle it. Everything was rock-solid frozen when it arrived.

I have ordered from other meal delivery services that give you a label to ship back the box for free. I was disappointed that Veestro didn’t offer the same service, but everything can be recycled.

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The Meals

The meals all come in compostable carton trays or recyclable BPA-free plastic trays and pouches. They include nutrition information including calories, fat content and all of the standard stuff that you’d expect.

You can heat meals up in the microwave (average is about 4-5 minutes), a skillet or the oven.

veestro review from start to finish

The Food

My first meal was the three layer scramble for breakfast. It was a combination of tofu, quinoa, black beans, onions, jalapeno peppers and ranchero sauce.

I heated it up in the oven (in an oven-safe dish) and it took longer than expected. Veestro recommended 10-14 minutes and it took about 20. I wouldn’t call this a scramble, it was more like a saucy breakfast casserole. If it was called a casserole or even stew, even better. The sauce was smoky but not spicy. If I have the tiniest bit of spice, I’m a drooling mess so this was pretty mild to not affect my sinuses. It didn’t need salt but I like salty things so it was just-right for me.

The scramble was hearty, had a lot of beans and quinoa was the dominant texture. It’s rare that I get a hot breakfast that is flavorful and hearty. Next time I may add some pumpkin seeds or something to give it a little crunch. If I eat this for lunch, I’ll probably add a few crushed-up tortilla chips.

The meals are hearty and filling, It’s been four hours and I’m just now getting hungry.

Veestro Review: Pros

All of the meals are hearty and satisfying. I tried the scramble, oatmeal pie and enchilada bake separately for breakfast and all three filled me up well into early afternoon. I’ve tried the tempeh salad which was good as were their entrée meals. You also can’t beat that meals are vegan, preservative-free, free of gluten and soy and non-GMO.

The meals are creative and Veestro seems to really understand how vegans eat; we still want taste, texture and something hearty just like everyone else.

Veestro Review: Cons

The food can be on the salty side. I realize that “too salty” is a deeply subjective point-of-view so if you are at all adverse to salt, you may want to try a few a la carte items before you commit to a 21-fit package.

All meals are deeply frozen when they arrive and can take longer than the published time to heat through. If you are in a rush, or don’t have access to an oven at your office, you will have to microwave all of the meals and will need to play around with the timing when you first try a meal. There was a slight difference in texture between microwaving and oven-heating but most of the meals held up fine in the microwave.

Included in Veestro’s 21 day Kickstart:

(2)   Red Curry With Tofu & Veggies
(2)   Risotto With Butternut Squash
(2)   Eggplant Casserole
(2)   Enchilada Casserole
(2)   GF Quinoa Burger Patty
(2)   Kale & Quinoa Salad with Tempeh Bits
(2)   Three Layer Scramble
(2)   Portobello Steak Dinner
(2)   Oatmeal Breakfast Pie
(2)   Quinoa Soup
(1)   Moroccan Melange
(2)   Johnny Appleseed Juice
(2)   Power Of The Tropics Juice
(2)   Lets Keep The Dr Away Juice

Full disclosure: Veestro is one of our advertising partners, it is very important for us to have integrity in this review for our readers. The food has been good, convenient and hearty, I would recommend it to vegan friends or people interested in trying vegan meals.

Veestro Review: Trying the 21 Day Kickstart Plan
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Veestro Review: Trying the 21 Day Kickstart Plan
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