Tom Brady Joins the Meal Delivery Craze

tom brady joins the meal delivery crazeOn the football field New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is known as the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) and now with the help of meal delivery service Purple Carrot, you can eat like the GOAT – for a price.

Designed to help athletes maintain peak performance, the TB12 performance meal kits come with 3 meals, two servings each and cost $78 per week, a $10 premium over the standard Purple Carrot meal delivery subscription.

“Eating meals just like the ones we’ll send out to our customers has really helped me stay at the top of my game,” Brady said in a statement.

Their first menu, set to deliver in early April, offers white lentil risotto with winter roasted vegetables, meyer lemon and cashew gremolata, a ramen bowl with charred broccolini and gingered amaranth greens and crispy turnip cakes with quinoa tabbouleh and za’atar yogurt.

TB12 Performance Meals were developed to help maintain peak performance for athletes of all levels by adhering to the TB12 nutritional concept:

  • High in protein
  • 100% plant based
  • Gluten-free
  • Limited in use of refined sugars
  • Limited in use of soy
  • Free of highly processed ingredients

“There’s an importance in authenticity here,” Purple Carrot founder and CEO Andy Levitt told ESPN. “Every meal that is designed is approved by Tom and his team, and Tom will get a box of meals to his home that is exactly what the people who order his meals get.”

Compared to the standard Purple Carrot fare, the TB12 meals contain higher protein levels and caloric intake, which makes them tailored to the athlete experience.

As the saying goes in sports ‘father time is undefeated’, and yet for Brady, at 39 years old and 17 years played in the league, father time seems to be enjoying the Super Bowl after-parties alongside him. The 2-time league MVP claims the secret is in his dedication to his body and his craft, tirelessly working on not just the X’s and O’s of the game, but cutting edge ideas when it comes to health and nutrition.

Over the last few years Brady has launched the TB12 sports therapy center, published a TB12 nutrition manual and now enters the meal delivery craze.

With five Super Bowl rings and a Hall of Fame career, his methods are hard to argue.

Tom Brady Joins the Meal Delivery Craze
Article Name
Tom Brady Joins the Meal Delivery Craze
Meal delivery services are all the rage, and now Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady has entered the fray, partnering with Purple Carrot to deliver healthy meals for athletes