San Francisco Meal Delivery Services

“There just isn’t enough time in the day!”  Sound familiar?

With all the daily commitments we endure, the drive through lane often feels like the only way to recapture time. But how do you feel after you eat this way? I’d imagine not that great, either emotionally (guilty), or physically (bloated). There are healthy alternatives!

Local San Francisco meal delivery services, like those listed below, are giving you back your precious time and without the guilty burden. Their food is healthy and more economical than you might think! Supplementing your healthy eating plan with a local San Francisco area meal delivery service just makes sense.

Sun BasketSun Basket Seattle Meal Delivery

Meal kit delivery, organic, gluten-free, vegetarian choices, paleo options, sustainably-caught seafood, hormone-free meats

The chefs at Sun Basket craft quick-inspired recipes and send them to you along with pre-measured ingredients from the best organic farms on the West Coast. All you have to do is pick your menu, cook, eat and clean up after. We’ve tried Sun Basket – check out our full review.

San Francisco Meal Delivery Area: Sun Basket is expanding! They currently deliver to California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and Idaho. For a small fee they will deliver to Connecticut, Washington DC, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia and Vermont.

Meals cost $9.99 per serving

Get $30 off Sun Basket! Organic ingredients from the best farms and easy, delicious recipes, delivered weekly

OrganicSustainably caught seafoodHormone-free meats

san francisco meal delivery Sun Basket 3 Meals Free

Diet To Godiettogo logo
Prepared meal delivery, organic when possible, vegetarian options, eco-friendly packaging

We all have an ideal number in mind for our weight, but very few of us have a real plan to get there. We talk about eating less, or exercising more, but it so often ends with just talk.

You need help, and Diet To Go is your answer. With meals that are controlled for calories, cholesterol, fat and sodium, but not for taste, you can enjoy the process of reaching your weight loss goal. All of their diet meal plans are built by chefs AND nutritionists, so you’ll eat well while losing weight. In fact, we tried Diet to Go – check out our honest review of their diet meal delivery service.

San Francisco Meal Delivery Area: Diet To Go has FREE pick-up locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Baltimore. For a small shipping fee they offer fresh delivery via FedEx to customers in anywhere in the continental US.

Meals range between $8 – $12 per serving – the more you order, the more you save.

Special Offer: Get 10% Off Any Meal Plan From Diet To Go!

diet meal delivery

diet san francisco meal delivery


Prepared meal delivery, paleo-friendly, sugar-free, gluten-free, pastured meats and sustainably-caught seafood, no processed ingredients.

Methodology meal delivery service understands the busy life you lead, while recognizing the more you have on your schedule the less likely you are to be healthy. Their goal is to help you eat healthy, even when you are busy.

San Francisco Meal Delivery Area: Methodology meal delivery serves the San Francisco area, including the East Bay, Palo Alto and Menlo Park.


Prepared meal delivery, Gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy-free, same-day delivery, eco-friendly packaging

Munchery delivers chef-made meals from menus that change daily  You can order up to a week in advance, or order on demand using their website or app.

San Francisco Meal Delivery Area: Munchery delivers to the San Francisco Bay area (as far south as San Jose), Seattle, Los Angeles and New York.

Full-sized entrees start at $8.95

Blue Apron

Meal kits, Local and seasonal ingredients, vegetarian options, hormone and antibiotic free meats, eco-friendly packaging

By now you’ve probably heard of Blue Apron meal kit delivery service. Maybe you scrolled past one of their Facebook ads, got a flyer in the mail or noticed your neighbors empty box by the curb on recycle day. But there are plenty of things you probably don’t know about them too.

Did you know they never use the same menu item twice in a calendar year? Did you know they used renowned guest chefs to help craft their unique menu items? Did you know their meals are calorie controlled and always between 500-800 calories per serving?

The team at Blue Apron are doing nationwide meal delivery the right way and you should give them a try. We did – check out our Blue Apron review to see the experience first hand. Here’s a little something special from us to help convince you to take the leap: $30 Off Your First Blue Apron Order

San Francisco Meal Delivery Area: Blue Apron offers FREE nationwide delivery

Meals start at just $8.74 per serving

Hormone and antibiotic free meatsEco-friendly packaging

san francisco meal delivery

Veestro plant based delivery for busy people

Veestro delivers 100% plant-based, organic, Non-GMO meals and juices in eco-friendly packaging. They offer multiple meal plans to suit your needs including a 21-day Kickstart plan, or A La Carte options. All deliveries are flash frozen to preserve freshness.

Check out our Veestro review – we tried their product and give you our honest opinion.

San Francisco Meal Delivery Area: Veestro delivers to the continental United States

Price start at just $8.25 per meal as part of their meal plans, A La Carte entrees average $10.00

eco-friendly packagingvegetarian optionsgluten free optionsorganicprepared meal delivery

plant based san francisco meal delivery for busy people


Prepared meal delivery, locally sourced organic food, fast delivery, chef created, eco-friendly packaging

What sets Sprig apart from the meal delivery competition? How about an average delivery time of just 15 minutes. While many services require 24 hours or longer notice, Sprig delivers high-quality locally sourced food, fast.

San Francisco Meal Delivery Area: Sprig delivers to San Francisco, Palo Alto and Chicago

Entrees start at $10 per serving plus $2.75 delivery charge

Square Meals SF

Prepared meal delivery service, organic, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options, grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, calorie-controlled

Square Meals SF creates wholesome meals with ingredients sourced from local farmers, fisherman and ranchers. Foods are sourced from within a half day’s drive of San Francisco and they use organic and hormone free when possible.

San Francisco Meal Delivery Area: Square Meals SF delivers to the entire San Francisco Area

Franny’s Kitchen

Prepared meal delivery, organic (select produce), sustainable farm-raised seafood, hormone-free meat

Franny’s Kitchen offers fresh and healthy home-cooked meals without artificial flavors, sugars or preservatives. While the meals at Franny’s aren’t 100% organic, they do make a concerted effort to use organic ingredients where possible.

San Francisco Meal Delivery Area: The City of San Francisco except the Presidio

Meals as low as $9.00

HelloFreshHelloFresh delivers great recipes and fresh ingredients to your home each week.

Meal Kits, Vegetarian options

HelloFresh delivers meal kits crafted by chefs and containing everything you need to make fresh, healthy meals at home.

San Francisco Meal Delivery Area: HelloFresh delivers to the continental US (possibly expanding to Hawaii and Alaska soon)

Meal Kit Delivery starts at $9.08 per serving

Home Bistro

Prepared Meals, Vegetarian Options, Free Shipping on orders over $199

Home Bistro prepares gourmet meals, straight from the kitchen of their Certified Executive Chef, flash freezes them and sends them to your door ready to heat and eat. They offer A La Carte meals and 7-,10- and 14-day meal plans that include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

San Francisco Meal Delivery Area: Home Bistro delivers to the continental US

Entrees start at $16 per serving – starters and desserts available

san francisco meal delivery

Platednational meal delivery

Organic, Vegetarian options, Gluten-free, Hormone-free meats, Sustainably-caught seafood, Eco-friendly packaging

The Plated chefs create nine options for vegetarian, meat and seafood eaters each week which are then delivered in a kit with every ingredient you need to make the healthy meals at home.

San Francisco Meal Delivery Area: Plated delivers to the continental US – except a few cities in Texas including San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Laredo and Midland

Average Cost is $12 per meal

22 Days Nutrition

Prepared meals, Organic, Plant-based, Eco-friendly packaging 

22 Days Nutrition is a vegan meal delivery service based on the premise it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, therefore on the 22nd day you are set free! Each meal contains organic veggies and fruits, gluten-free grains and legumes.

San Francisco Meal Delivery Area: 22 Days Nutrition delivers to the continental US – sorry Hawaii and Alaska

Meal delivery starts as low as $14.95 per serving


If there are San Francisco meal delivery companies we haven’t displayed here, give us a heads up in the comment section – we’ll look into adding them!

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