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We all have a goal to be healthy, but sticking with that goal can be hard, while the excuses come easy. Healthy food is expensive…there isn’t enough time to shop and cook…I’m still hungry after eating right – all reasonable responses, until now. Life’s challenges can make it difficult to craft healthy food by yourself, but what if you had a helping hand?

Enter Los Angeles meal delivery services, like the featured companies below. Eat healthy, save time and enjoy beautiful food…now that’s a goal you can stick with! Find the Los Angeles meal delivery service that fits your dietary needs right here:

Sun BasketSun Basket Seattle Meal Delivery

Meal kit delivery, organic, gluten-free, vegetarian choices, paleo options, sustainably-caught seafood, hormone-free meats

The chefs at Sun Basket craft quick-inspired recipes and send them to you along with pre-measured ingredients from the best organic farms on the West Coast. All you have to do is pick your menu, cook, eat and clean up after. We’ve tried Sun Basket – check out our full review.

Los Angeles Meal Delivery Area: Sun Basket is expanding! They currently offer free delivery to California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and Idaho. For a small fee they will deliver to Connecticut, Washington DC, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia and Vermont.

Meals cost $9.99 per serving

Get $30 off Sun Basket! Organic ingredients from the best farms and easy, delicious recipes, delivered weekly

OrganicSustainably caught seafoodHormone-free meats

meal delivery Sun Basket 3 Meals Free

Diet To Godiettogo logo
Prepared meal delivery, vegetarian options, eco-friendly packaging

Diet To Go has a mission to change the perception of diet food as being bland and uninspired. Their food is expertly crafted at their kitchens in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles and controlled for calories, cholesterol, fat and sodium.

Diet To Go offers three meal plans, a Balanced Plan designed by nutritionists, a Balanced-D plan which follows the guidelines of the American Diabetes Association, and a Carb30 plan which limits carbs and focuses on proteins. If you are ready to lose weight, Diet To Go is the healthy was to do it. In fact, we tried Diet to Go – check out our review of their diet meal delivery.

Los Angeles Meal Delivery Area: Diet To Go has hundreds of FREE pick-up locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Baltimore. For a small shipping fee they offer delivery via FedEx to customers anywhere in the continental US.

Meals range between $8 – $12 per serving – the more you order, the more you save.

Special Offer: Get 10% Off Any Meal Plan From Diet To Go!

diet meal delivery

diet meal delivery service


Prepared meals, gluten free, no refined sugars or added sweeteners, vegetarian options, eco-friendly packaging

Two minutes – that’s all it takes to begin diving into the fresh, chef-prepared meals delivered by Freshly. 60 minutes – that’s the amount of time you save on average by having Freshly do the shopping, chopping, prep and cooking for you. Healthy meals delivered fresh and ready to eat in around two minutes. Did I mention there’s no clean up either? Use Freshly, gain more time to do what you love.

Here’s a little something to help convince you to try Freshly – get 35% off your first week!

Los Angeles Meal Delivery Details: Freshly offers FREE meal delivery throughout California, Nevada, Arizona and Oregon

Meals start at just $8.99 per serving

Prepared mealsGluten-freeEco-friendly packaging

los angeles meal delivery

Vegin’ Out

Healthy, organic, wholesome & affordable vegan meal delivery service nationwide. $20 Off 1st Order (code: Share20).

Prepared meal delivery, vegan, organic, locally-sourced ingredients

Vegin’ out specializes in vegan meal delivery that is a healthier, and more affordable, option than eating out. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the fresh, locally sourced ingredients utilized in their 12-week rotating menu.

Weekly meal plans start at around $14 per serving

Los Angeles Meal Delivery Area: Vegin’ Out delivers to the Los Angeles area, north to Pacific Palisades, south to Long Beach, east to Pasadena and the San Fernando Valley

los angeles meal delivery


Prepared meal delivery, juices, organic, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and Paleo plans, hormone free meats, sustainable seafood, eco-friendly packaging

Chef Kelly Boyer is a survivor of late stage terminal cancer and has made it her mission to introduce the world to healthier food. All of their ingredients are sourced from local farms, cruelty-free ranches and sustainable fisheries!

Three meals and two healthy snacks per day starts at $46 per person

Los Angeles Meal Delivery Area: California, Nevada and Arizona (see full list of cities here)

California Chef

Prepared meal delivery, gluten-free, vegetarian, non-dairy, paleo, soy-free, organic, diabetic, low-salt

California Chef creates personalized diet food that is healthy, fresh and not mass-produced. They take a personal approach by learning your goals and crafting a calorie plan just for you.

Dinners start at $25 per serving

Los Angeles Meal Delivery Area: California Chef delivers to the greater Los Angeles area, from Pasadena to Santa Monica, and from Thousand Oaks to the cities of the South Bay – Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, and Palos Verdes

Blue Apron

Meal kits, Local and seasonal ingredients, vegetarian options, hormone and antibiotic free meats, eco-friendly packaging

By now you’ve probably heard of Blue Apron meal kit delivery service. Maybe you scrolled past one of their Facebook ads, got a flyer in the mail or noticed your neighbors empty box by the curb on recycle day. But there are plenty of things you probably don’t know about them too.

Did you know all their meals are calorie controlled, between 500-800 per serving? Did you know they used renowned guest chefs to help craft their unique menu items? Did you know they don’t use the same menu item twice in one calendar year so you always get new meal concepts?

The team at Blue Apron are doing nationwide meal delivery the right way and you should give them a try. We did – check out our Blue Apron review to see the experience first hand. Here’s a little something special from us to help convince you to take the leap: $30 Off Your First Blue Apron Order

Los Angeles Meal Delivery Area: Blue Apron offers FREE nationwide delivery

Meals start at just $8.74 per serving

Hormone and antibiotic free meatsEco-friendly packaging

dallas meal delivery

Veestro plant based los angeles meal delivery for busy people

Veestro delivers 100% plant-based, organic, Non-GMO meals and juices in eco-friendly packaging. They offer multiple meal plans to suit your needs including a 21-day Kickstart plan, or A La Carte options. All deliveries are flash frozen to preserve freshness.

Check out our Veestro review – we tried their product and give you our honest opinion.

Los Angeles Meal Delivery Area: Veestro delivers to the continental United States

Price start at just $8.25 per meal as part of their meal plans, A La Carte entrees average $10.00

eco-friendly packagingvegetarian optionsgluten free optionsorganicprepared meal delivery

plant based delivery for busy people

Food Flo

Prepared meal delivery, organic, vegan, gluten-free, eco-friendly packaging

FoodFlo is focused on making their Los Angeles meal delivery more than just convenient, it’s also healthy and delicious. Chef Florence Betheau (hence, Food FLO) uses Kangen alkaline water in every recipe along with fresh, organic ingredients.

Each week’s delivery consists of 1 container of soup, 2 side salads, 4 entrees, 4 side dishes, and 4 Flo Bar snacks and starts at $129

Los Angeles Meal Delivery Area: Local delivery within Los Angeles County and Orange County. Overnight delivery to the rest of California, Arizona and Nevada

Fitness Kitchen

Prepared meal delivery, gluten-free and vegetarian options

Fitness Kitchen LA offers four meal plans (Lean & Sexy, Active, Pro and VIP custom) designed to satisfy your health and culinary desires.

Meal plans include 4 meals per day and start at $51 per person

Los Angeles Meal Delivery Area: Delivery is free to Los Angeles county and parts of Orange and Ventura counties

Zen Foods

Prepared meal delivery, paleo and vegetarian options, gluten-free

Want to eat like a celeb? ZEN foods (which stands for Zero Effort Nutrition) provides you the same high quality foods they deliver to Hollywood stars like Zac Efron and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. They offer six different plans, crafted by nutritionists and dieticians, to fit your healthy eating needs.

Daily meal plans include three meals, snack and dessert and start at $49.95 per day

Los Angeles Meal Delivery Area: Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura, San Diego

Kitchen Surfing

Prepared meal delivery with chef included, vegetarian and gluten-free options

Talk about out of the box – Kitchen Surfing is a unique style of meal delivery because the chef comes with the meal! Book your meal from their rotating menu of chef inspired dishes and a chef will come to your house, cook it, serve it and clean it up.

$25 per serving (choose between 2-6 servings) includes ingredients, chef preparation, clean up and gratuity

Los Angeles Meal Delivery Area: Kitchen Surfing delivers their chefs to homes and businesses in Los Angeles, New York City, the Hamptons, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Washington D.C. and Chicago

Greenlite Meals

Prepared meal delivery, organic, vegetarian, gluten-free, non-gmo, eco-friendly packaging

Greenlite meals takes a personal approach to your plan to be healthy. Sure, they offer weekly meal plans, but they go the extra step for their customers offering meal-planning and health counseling, and even a combined meal and workout plan!

Weekly meal plans start at $155 per person

Chef Nourish

Prepared meal delivery, paleo and vegetarian options, gluten-free, organic, hormone and antibiotic free meats

Just like the name says, Chef Nourish provides healthy nourishing meal plans that are nutrient dense and taste delicious! Chef Nourish’s meal plans cater to people looking to lose weight, that have special diets or just like to eat high quality gourmet food at home.

Meal plans include three meals a day and two snacks, starting at $49.95 per day plus delivery fee

Los Angeles Meal Delivery Area: Greater Los Angeles area, Ventura County and Inland Empire. Available to be shipped throughout California, Nevada and Arizona

KLEAN Los Angeles

Prepared meal delivery, organic, gluten-free, vegetarian, pescatarian and vegan options, hormone and antibiotic free meats

Klean meal delivery is designed to help you lose or manage your weight by focusing their meal plans on whole foods, macronutrients and portion control. KLEAN suggest your eat their meals every three hours.

Meal plans start at $58 per day and include your entire day of servings

Los Angeles Meal Delivery Area: Free shipping to California, Nevada and Arizona

Platednational meal delivery

Organic, Vegetarian options, Gluten-free, Hormone-free meats, Sustainably-caught seafood, Eco-friendly packaging

The Plated chefs create nine options for vegetarian, meat and seafood eaters each week which are then delivered in a kit with every ingredient you need to make the healthy meals at home.

Los Angeles Meal Delivery Area: PLated delivers to the continental US – except a few cities in Texas including San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Laredo and Midland

Average Cost is $12 per meal

HelloFreshHelloFresh delivers great recipes and fresh ingredients to your home each week.

Meal Kits, Vegetarian options

HelloFresh delivers meal kits crafted by chefs and containing everything you need to make fresh, healthy meals at home.

Los Angeles Meal Delivery Area: HelloFresh delivers to the continental US (possibly expanding to Hawaii and Alaska soon)

Meal Kit Delivery starts at $9.08 per serving

Home Bistro

Prepared Meals, Vegetarian Options, Free Shipping on orders over $199

Home Bistro prepares gourmet meals, straight from the kitchen of their Certified Executive Chef, flash freezes them and sends them to your door ready to heat and eat. They offer A La Carte meals and 7-,10- and 14-day meal plans that include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Los Angeles Meal Delivery Area: Home Bistro delivers to the continental US

Entrees start at $16 per serving – starters and desserts available

22 Days Nutrition

Prepared meals, Organic, Plant-based, Eco-friendly packaging 

22 Days Nutrition is a vegan meal delivery service based on the premise it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, therefore on the 22nd day you are set free! Each meal contains organic veggies and fruits, gluten-free grains and legumes.

Los Angeles Meal Delivery Area: 22 Days Nutrition delivers to the continental US – sorry Hawaii and Alaska

Meal delivery starts as low as $14.95 per serving


If there are Los Angeles meal delivery services we don’t have displayed here, give us a heads up in the comment section – we’ll look into adding them!


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