How Does a Meal Delivery Service Work?

how does a meal delivery service workIf the idea of having someone else cook, or at least prepare, your meals for you seems like a dream reserved for those with lifestyles of the rich and famous, think again. Using a meal delivery service may seem like an unaffordable luxury, but over the last few years these convenient options have become commonplace and increasingly affordable across the nation.

According to a study by Ohio State University, 60% of restaurants fail in their first year while 80% make it less than five. With this turbulent and highly unsuccessful business model, more and more talented chefs are turning their attention to meal delivery services, where they can craft meals, connect with consumers, and leave the high overhead of the restaurant business behind.

If you’ve denied yourself the indulgence of meal delivery, now is the time to give it a shot, as the competition in the marketplace is keeping prices affordable while the food is fresh, delicious and creative.

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What Options do I Have in a Meal Delivery Service?

There are three major types of meal delivery services, choosing the right type is just a matter of how much you want to take on in the kitchen, what you like and what you expect.

Meal Kits

If you like to cook, but don’t always have the time to shop, create a weekly menu, or just need a break a few days a week that doesn’t depend on a drive-thru, meal kits are probably your best option. Generally more affordable than the other meal delivery options, meal kits provide you with a recipe card and perfectly portioned ingredients that you combine, cook and serve.

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Meal kits come delivered to your door with all the instructions and ingredients you need packaged inside

If you are tired of cooking the same 4-5 meals each week, meal kits can help break you out of your funk by providing some new twists on mealtime. With all of your ingredients already portioned for you, the end result is less kitchen waste and a more efficient cooking process.

in fact, we tried Sun Basket meal kit delivery, see for yourself what cooking with a meal kit is like.

Prepared Meals

For you, the idea of cooking isn’t a creative experience, instead it is a chore that burdens your mind throughout the day. At 2pm, you start to think, “What’s for dinner tonight?” and then remember you are the one that has to answer that question, shop, cook it and clean it up. Ugh.

Prepared meals are just as they sound, delivered to your door often frozen, or chilled, and meant to be stored in your refrigerator for a set amount of days until you are ready to heat and eat. Clean up is easier, preparation is miniscule, food quality and variety is high.

Of course, since the chef is doing 99% of the work, prepared meal delivery services tend to be more expensive than meal kits, but the slight premium is often worth it.

Modified Personal Chef Model

Not as common as the other two meal delivery services, but growing rapidly, there are some companies putting a unique twist on the personal chef model. You pick out a few meals from their menu and a chef comes to your house with all the ingredients, prepares the meals, stores them in your fridge, cleans up and leaves.

Now you have food in the fridge ready to roll at a moment’s notice which is fresh, never frozen.

Perfect for the entertaining type, or for someone who doesn’t mind a little company in the house, these personal chef models relieve you of all the work, including clean up, but they don’t require you to sign a contract or hire someone on staff.

The quality is top notch, but the cost is higher than the other two options.

Can Meal Delivery Services Handle Dietary Restrictions?

The true beauty of choosing the right meal delivery service is the ability to customize the culinary experience based on your lifestyle or restrictions.

Everything is available to you – vegan, locavore, pescatarian, gluten-free, diet plans, low-carb, paleo, dairy-free, organic – there is a company out there for you, in fact, probably many.

Most of the meal delivery services you’ll find on our site were started by people with a love of food, and a deep understanding of customer wants and needs. Some will allow you to customize specific meals, but most provide a detailed menu each week for you to choose from which includes various dietary options.

If you are on a 100% plant-based diet, there is a company for that.

If you want a local, organic, non-gmo, west coast provider who works with local farmers and has Paleo, Vegetarian and Gluten-free options, there is a company for that.

If you only enjoy fish, or are gluten-free, there are a lot of companies for that!

Just like staycations have become popular over the years as people look to have fun closer to home and in a more affordable way, meal delivery services, where chefs do the majority of the work for you, is another way to maximize your own home base.

This is the trend, and it’s only getting started – time to give it a meal delivery service a try! Hi Impact Radius!


How Does a Meal Delivery Service Work?
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How Does a Meal Delivery Service Work?
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