Betty’s Organics Produce Delivery

Betty’s Organics delivers certified organic produce to your home or office.

They offer boxes based on your preference: whether you’re a veggie lover, fruit lover, or you want both.

Betty’s sources their produce from local farms and from organic wholesalers who provide produce when it’s out of season in California.

If you want to know, Betty’s will provide you with the names of their growers.



Organic Produce Delivery Boxes Start at $27

Their boxes range from small to large, with an assortment of 14-16 types of seasonal vegetables or fruits.

  • Family Fruit and Veggie Box: $46
  • Fruit and Veg Box: $32
  • More Fruit: $32
  • More Veg: $32
  • Fruit and Salad Box: $32
  • Fruit Lovers Box: $27
  • Veg Lovers Box: $27

Betty’s Organics delivers to North Bay, Sonoma, Santa Rosa, San Rafael, San Francisco, Napa, Novato, Petaluma, Sebastopol and San Rafael weekly, every other week and monthly.

Their boxes are recyclable, and customers are asked to fold them down for pick-up at the next delivery.


  • Customizable Fruit and Vegetable Boxes
  • Source from Local Organic Farms
  • Eco-friendly Packaging
  • Delivery Boxes start at $27